Annata N.6 (2013)

Germán Labrador
A short Note on Boccherini’s ‘last Period’ and the true Nature of the Cantata al Santo Natale, op. 63 G 535 (1802)

English abstract

Among the many vocal works which were not included by Alfredo Boccherini y Calonje in his transcription of Luigi Boccherini’s ‘autograph catalogue’ the Villancicos (1783) and the Cantata al Santo Natale, up to now lost, can be counted. This last work, op. 63 in Picquot’s catalogue, would have been written in 1802, and only the unfinished quartets op. 64 would have followed. However, there are good reasons to believe that the Villancicos and the Cantata could be one and the same composition and thus, while the autograph score of the Cantata may never appear, it can’t probably be considered as a “lost work”.

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